Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Felix Cartal- Ready For Your Love ft. Chloe Angelides (Steve James Remix)

Steve James is becoming a household name in house music quicker than I think anyone but Steve himself probably could have imagined.  A few months ago we heard remixes of Kaskade's "Floating", and Capital Cities' "Safe and Sound", which were both impressive remixes.  But while we left the music world for a short time, Steve James has been hard at work in the studio and it shows.  I chose this track to post first because it happens to be my personal favorite of his, but Steve James has kept to his formula of remixing big songs and making them HUGE.  There have been plenty of remixes of Felix Cartal's recent hit, "Ready For Love", and this one has to be the best.  Like most of his tracks, his build-up is impeccable, and the drop caps off what is a banging progressive house remix.  Several more of his songs are still to come in the next couple of weeks, but if you want to join the already close to 500,000 plays on a few of his recent remixes, I'd head over to his Soundcloud  pronto, just sayin'.

Crooked Colors- In Your Bones (Chiefs Remix)

I think at this point I've probably named too many "kings of chill music" to count, but I may soon have to add another.  The Melbourne native has some of the dopest beats I've heard, and overall just some really unique music.  One of the last tracks posted a few months ago was his remix of Paces' "Open Up Your Eyes", the one that helped me discover Chiefs.  I was a little late to join the bandwagon, as he's got several other jams that came before that.  But surely I'm glad I did, and this dude shows no signs of stopping.  Great chill remix right here y'all should check it.

Bassnectar- Noise vs Beauty

"Presenting Noise vs Beauty: a 15 song journey which spans the spectrum of music from hardcore noise hysteria to lush, ethereal beauty – and many points in between. I collaborated with over 50 different human beings on this collection, and it is without a doubt my favorite album to date!
I hope it brings you happiness :)" - Bassnectar
The longtime San Fran electro producer has already established a successful career and became one of the biggest names in the dance music industry across the globe.  So when you hear Lorin Ashton himself say that it's his favorite album, you know it's got to be good.  He's right, with 15 tracks it spans across a host of different genres - there's something for everyone on this album.  No matter what you like, listen to just a few songs and I can guarantee you won't be able to help dancing.  Anyways, this album came out just about a month ago and its once again confirmed why Bassnectar is one of the best in the business. Enjoy

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sick Individuals- Wasting Moonlight

Big progressive house day today with all of these releases, this time coming from the Sick Individuals. These guys have had a lot of success over the past year or so. Collaborating with Axwell for their track "I Am", which was a huge hit and really put them on the map.  With their name in the spotlight now they are able to get their music out there and get big. Check out their newest track titled "Wasting Moonlight"

Buy on Beatport: Wasting Moonlight- Sick Individuals

Max Elto- Shadow Of The Sun (Mako Remix)

From tracks like Beam and Our Story in the past, Mako is no stranger to the EDM scene. They took on a big task here with a remix to "Shadow Of The Sun" by Max Elto, a song that had already been remixed by the well known Adventure Club in the past. Mako went above and beyond though and has made a remix that is even better. Check it out below and go support them by buying on Beatport.

Buy on Beatport: Shadow Of The Sun (Mako Remix)

Clean Bandit- Rather Be (Andino & Kelvin Remix)

If you're an EDM fan you have definitely heard the Cash Cash progressive house remix to Rather Be by Clean Bandit, and if you haven't… well then check it out cause it's dope. Within the last few days though, the internet friends turned producers have released their version of Rather Be. Omar and Kelvin are two 19 year old producers from the Dominican Republic, and this being their first song ever produced I am very impressed. Although in my opinion its not as good as the Cash Cash remix this progressive house banger is sure to be a launching pad for this two Dominican Republic kids in the future.

Free Download! Rather Be (Andino and Kelvin Remix)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Michael Woods ft. Lauren Dyson - In Your Arms

Michael Woods is another one of those producers that whenever he releases something you know it is going to be good. Lauren Dyson certainly helps make this track even better with her vocals and the progressive build up and drop that accompanies is equally as good. Titled "In Your Arms", this song is sure to give Michael Woods and progressive house fans everywhere something to rage to for a while.